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Police and Trump

The killing of George Floyd by former Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin led to a nationwide backlash against police officers. Many citizens across the country poured into the streets during the pandemic to express their outrage against law enforcement agencies' ongoing inability to stop the killings of Black men and women. Other citizens defended police officers in response to the backlash while also showing support for President Donald Trump and his policies.

Truck with Trump and 2nd amendment banners fixed to the side: COME AND TAKE IT
 Man wearing a red hat with the campaign slogan," Make America Great Again"
People standing with American flags and signs: NEWSOM IS NON-ESSENTIAL
Three men standing on the street, won with a Silent Majority shirt, another with the American flag draped over his shouldersl; Trump banner on the car behind
Group of people, one with a megaphone, others waving an American flag and altered American (blue line) flags.
Vets for Trump HumVee draped with banner: TRUMP 2020  NO MORE BULL***T
Group of people on the street, one holding a confederate flag.
Car decorated with large Trump and American flags.
Demonstrators wave American and Trump flags
Woman waves American flag with the message "All Lives Matter"
Cardboard sign: Prosecute Killer COPS
Masked woman holding handmade sign: HOW DO YOU SPELL RACIST? LAPD
Graffiti on quartz wall: ABOLISH POL-ICE
Woman with handmade sign on her back: HOW DO YOU SPELL RACIST? LAPD.  THERE'S BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS PIG
Masked woman holding handmade sign in the middle of a march:  FUCK the SHERIFF!
Armed officer standing on the sidewalk
A group of law enforcement stand near  protesters
Armored vehicle with officers on the street
Officer from the Sheriff's department stands with a shield by the curb
Memorial to Dijon Kizee with a bicycle, balloons, flowers and candles