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The first two decades of the Twentieth Century witnessed an increase of suspicion and rejection for Jews. There was an escalation of restrictions, sentiments of Anglo-Saxon superiority and a greater association of Jews with radicalism. Jews were viewed as rebels against God’s purpose, with unacceptable characteristics and unholy alliances. There was an overwhelming desire to mainstream these aliens, to Americanize these new people. To be 100% American one had to be Christian.

Pamphlet cover for It Can Happen Here
Cartoon strip of Mr. Biggott
Card for The Protocol Plot
Handbill for Read About 'The Protocols'
Pamphlet cover for They Got the Blame
Pamphlet cover for Thus Speaks the Talmud
Pamphlet cover for Downfall of Russia
Pamphlet cover for Protocols of the Meetings
Magazine cover for Liberation
Handbill for Are the Protocols Forgeries?
Book cover for the International Jew
Flier for Menace of the Jews
Handbill for the Sub-Division of the Russian Revolutionary Party
Pamphlet cover for What Every Congressman Should Know!
Book illustration for Big and Little
Pamphlet cover for Cause of Anti-Jewism in the US
Flier for Plan of the Plot for Jewish World Domination
Newsletter cover for Proof of a Jewish Conspiracy
Flier for Churchill's Jewish OGPU