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Culture Clash: Further Works

Culture Clash's extensive repertoire contains several plays that are distinct from their earlier works. S.O.S.: Comedy For These Urgent Times (1992) explored the Los Angeles uprising and the Rodney King beating and subsequent trial. S.O.S. played at the Japan American Theatre in Los Angeles and the Magic Theatre in San Francisco. Carpa Clash (1993), a tribute to United Farm Workers leader Cesar Chavez, uses the tradition of the carpa or Mexican tent show to tell its story. In 1998, Culture Clash took on the ancient Greek writer Aristophanes when they adapted his play, The Birds, for a modern audience, performing it at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre and the South Coast Repertory Theatre in Costa Mesa.

Culture Clash in S.O.S.
Culture Clash in "Carpa Clash"
Culture Clash in "The Birds"
Biography of Montoya
Biography of Salinas
Biography of Sigüenza
Masks, attributed to "Carpa Clash"