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Episode 4 Pre-production: Beyond the Actor for Queer Representation

Monica Casillas Campo

Pre-production: Beyond the Actor for Queer Representation

This podcast dives into the world of TV and Film before the cameras begin to roll. Pre-Production: Beyond the Actor for Queer Representation weaves through the different influential roles of pre-producton and addresses the question: Should a straight actor or actress be the only ones scrutinized for playing a queer role? Monica illustrates the different industry positions that have responsibility for whether or not accurate representation was taken into consideration before casting an actor. In this episode we will find out who really runs the show behind-the-scenes, why queer actors are often not the ones that represent queer characters, and how intimidating the world of entertainment can be.

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Monica Casillas Campo


Monica will be a First Generation CSUN Graduate by the end of May 2021 with a B.A. in Anthropology and a Minor in Queer Studies. She is known for her love of photography, Legend of Zelda, and trying different types of food while traveling. Her passion for learning and understanding different cultures and communities has led to her acceptance into Uppsala University Master’s Programme of Cultural Anthropology in Uppsala, Sweden.

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