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San Fernando Valley History

The San Fernando Valley History Digital Library is the first effort to assemble, digitize and make globally available historically significant documents, manuscripts, photographs and related graphic materials from public and private collections in the San Fernando Valley. It provides full, open and equal access to materials demonstrating …


San Fernando Valley History
Slavery and the Law

Laws protect the rights of a nation's citizens, but with regards to American slavery, were used as a tool to advance both pro- and anti-slavery efforts. Our understanding of the arc of American slavery and its aftermath is informed, in part, by the push and pull of laws that mark shifting social, political and economic environments.


Slavery and the Law
Water Works - Documenting Water History in Los Angeles

The monumental completion of the Los Angeles Aqueduct in 1913 secured the City of Los Angeles  as an oasis for opportunity. However, water in this arid region came with great costs, determination, contestation and labor. Selected from six archival collections, this database offers unique and diverse perspectives into the history …


Water Works - Documenting Water History in Los Angeles
Institute for Arts and Media Photographs

The Institute for Arts & Media (IAM) was established in 1981 in the Journalism Department of California State University, Northridge by Dr. Kent Kirkton as the Center for Photojournalism & Visual History. It was renamed in 2008 as its mission and participation had broadened over the years. The mission of the Institute for Arts and Media …


Institute for Arts and Media Photographs
Latina(o) Cultural Heritage Archives

A database featuring photographs and documents assembled from twelve collections of the Urban Archives of the Oviatt Library Special Collections and Archives. Funded as part of the Hispanics-Serving Institutions Grant of the State of California, these materials capture the history of Latino and Chicana/o people and culture in Southern …


Latina(o) Cultural Heritage Archives

About the collections

The Oviatt Library Digital Collections feature historically significant documents, photographs, oral histories, artistic works and exhibit materials selected from the Oviatt Special Collections and Archives. Additional project contributors include local heritage organizations, neighboring academic institutions and private collectors. The breadth of these collections is focused in the area of Southern California history with emphasis on the San Fernando Valley. Exceptions include collections featuring digital reproductions of Chinese antiquities, and photographs from our Old China Hands Archives that document the experiences of foreign residents of China in 1946.

Our International Guitar Research Archives (IGRA) feature extensive collections of guitar works and correspondence that lend insight into the development of this music culture. Collections drawn from the University Archives reveal some of the rich history of the California State University Northridge. Virtual exhibits capture the essence of past exhibitions held at the Tseng Gallery in the Oviatt Library.

The Oviatt Library Digital Collections are selected from archival and heritage collections under contexts defined by digital collections organizers. These do not necessarily represent nor do they replace the entire contents and contexts embodied within the corpus of collections from which they are derived. Because of this, researchers are strongly encouraged to extend their inquiries into the collections of the Oviatt Library Special Collections and Archives as well as those held by participating institutions as indicated within the information attached to these digital objects. Information regarding the repository, source collection, and finding aid are provided for this purpose.

Copyright. The items in our Digital Collections are made available for educational purposes. Commercial use of works that are not in the public domain is strictly prohibited by law without prior written consent from the copyright holder(s). The responsibility for the use of these materials rests exclusively with the user.

We look forward to learning more about our digital holdings, and to hearing from any copyright owners who may not be properly identified. If you have any additional information about our collections, or if you would like to suggest a correction, please contact the Library Webmaster.

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