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The University Art Collection was established for the acceptance, display, maintenance, and supervision of works of art that comprise the Collection. California State University, Northridge, is the legal owner of property in the Collection. Its purpose is to acknowledge the importance of the arts to contemporary culture by committing the University to the acquisition and conservation of artworks. The Collection functions as a repository for students of the University and members of the larger community to experience notable artworks firsthand, and provides a central cultural resource for the San Fernando Valley and Southern California communities. The artworks in the Collection significantly augment the University’s outreach and public programs, and encourages the development of specific, on-campus facilities for their exhibition and permanent storage.

The character of the University Art Collection is primarily determined by the accepted donations made to it, with particular emphasis on contemporary art of the Southern California region, especially works made by faculty emeriti, alumni, and artists from the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles areas. The University Art Collection Commission may accept works that enhance the University’s curricular and research activities, its focus embracing the building of a conceptually and formally diverse collection of outstanding quality and historical significance.