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Water Works

Documenting Water History in Los Angeles



This table lists the attributes of each collection in terms of: number of items, temporal coverage, popular media and popular subjects.

Table View of Content Analysis

Collection Number Years Media Subjects
Catherine Mulholland 275 1902-1914 correspondence, reports, photos, legal documents, minutes, telegrams los angeles aqueduct, aqueducts -- design and construction,owens valley, water-supply, waterworks, water rights, waterworks -- costs
Andrae B. Nordskog 130 1887-1961 correspondence, notes, legal documents, annotations, minutes, essays water rights, los angeles aqueduct, owens valley, water -- law and legislation, metropolitan water district of southern california, dams, water-supply, colorado river
Duane Georgeson 60 1905-1993 reports, correspondence, tables, graphs, annotations, speeches, memorandums, press releases, newspapers water-supply, mono lake, owens valley, los angeles aqueduct, los angeles department of water and power, runoff, environmental protection, reservoirs, water rights
Homer A. Halverson 261 1943-1976 black and white photos, black and white negatives, color photos, annotations U.S. Army Core of Engineers, Channels -- design and construction, Channels -- maintenance and repair, flood control, los angeles river
Feather River Project Association 85 1954-1965 newsletters, reports, correspondence, minutes, speeches, legal documents, resolutions, press feather river project, california aqueduct, water rights, water law, waterworks -- costs, water-supply, colorado river
Samuel B. Nelson 15 1961-1975 correspondence, maps, reports, graphs, binders water-supply, metropolitan water district, los angeles department of water and power, los angeles aqueduct, mono lake, baldwin hills reservoir