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The goal of the San Fernando Valley History Digital Library project is to provide full, open, and equal access to a wide variety of materials and interpretations about the socio-economic growth and cultural evolution of the San Fernando Valley, from its earliest foundations, through the explosive developments of the post-World War II period. It is the main intent of the project to make these sources available to a much wider client base than is currently being served by the Oviatt Library. When completed at the end of the first year, the project will have digitized a minimum of 2,400 images and related historical records and textual documentation into the San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Materials Included in or Excluded from Project

The San Fernando Valley History Digital Library project assembled, digitized and made globally available historically significant documents, manuscripts, photographs and related graphic materials from a host of archival collections in the Oviatt Library's Special Collections and Archives, and related collections at the University. The project also digitized a number of images borrowed from local historical societies. These borrowed materials filled in the gaps to the historical record of the San Fernando Valley.

The project is primarily focusing on image material. The images must be free of copyright restrictions or copyright permissions have been granted by the owning institution. Not included in this category are study photographs from another institution, unless copyright permissions have been cleared with the owning institution; photographs that are digitized and are mounted on another site will not be used unless permissions are granted; photoreproductions (i.e., photocopies) will not be added unless all originals have been destroyed.

Textual material was included if it illustrated the history and growth of the San Fernando Valley. Newspaper clippings from major newspapers that are still in existence, even if their name has changed, are protected by copyright and may not be used unless permissions have been granted. Clippings from defunct newspapers and newsletters of groups no longer in existence may be considered.

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