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Creating TIFFs Archival Images from Microfilm (IGRA Easley Project)

Summary: Create a 600 dpi archival TIFF image using the Canon MS 800 scanner

1. Load the Scanner

  1. If the film is on the reel backwards, load the spool in the scanner backwards, with the open notch facing outward. The film should unwind from the top of the reel.
  2. Adjust focus, orientation, etc.
  3. Select the desired Frame Area (double page or single) from the console on the scanner monitor.

2. Scan Pages Using Photoshop

  1. Open Photoshop
  2. From the top menu bar, select File > Import > Canon MS 800
  3. Select initial settings in the Canon MS 800 dialog. For most scans, they will be as follows:
    • Page size: Letter - 8.5 x 11 in
    • Mode: Black and White
    • Dither: Picture (this is equivalent to grayscale; "None" will provide the highest contrast; "Fine" will provide the most detail)
    • Dots per inch: 600
      Scanner settings dialog
  4. Click the More button to set the Frame Area to "Separate" (for double-page scan) and click OK. Do not close the main Canon MS 800 dialog.
  5. Click the Scan button to scan the pages in of the Frame Area. If the Frame Area is set to "Separate" each click of the Scan button will produce two images. They will be loaded into the main Photoshop window as Untitled-1, Untitled-2, etc. until saved.

    TIP: Try to scan every page in a given score, in order, before saving any images. This will preclude having to reset all the scan settings for each scan (the Canon MS 800 dialog will not save the settings).
  6. When you have finished scanning a given score, click the Cancel button on the Canon MS 800 dialog.

3. Save Scanned Images as TIFF Files

  1. Minimize all scanned images so you can see their names more easily.
  2. TIFF optiosnClick "Untitled-1" and select File > Save. Save each image in W:\IGRAEasley\TIFFs, in TIFF format, with a file name describing the reel number, the position of the score on the reel, and the page number. Example: r03s002p007.tif is Reel 3, Score 2, Page 7.

Specific filenaming guidelines:

When the "TIFF Options" dialog opens, verify that Compression is set to "None" and the Byte Order is set to "IBM PC."